Clear Correct Now

ClearCorrect NOW Patient FAQs

What are clear aligners? 

If you’re not completely happy with your smile, but aren’t a big fan of metal braces, clear aligners might be just the thing for you. Straighter teeth don’t just look better; they work better too.  Poorly aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, can wear out faster, and are more prone to cavities. And once you’ve got a smile you love, you may just find you can’t help but show it off. 

Why ClearCorrect? 

ClearCorrect uses advanced technology to create custom clear aligners that apply targeted pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into alignment. 

What is ClearCorrect NOW? 

ClearCorrect NOW is a full teledentistry, clear aligner treatment completely directed and overseen through your clinician.  You can get started with clear aligner treatment without having to see the clinician in person, and depending on your case complexity, you may be able to go the entire treatment 100% remotely.   

How does ClearCorrect NOW work? 

First, you’ll fill out a form and submit intraoral photos through VirtualCheck on our website.  If you’re a candidate, we can request an impression kit be sent directly to you to take your impressions – scans of your mouth.  Once taken, you’ll ship these back and if they are accepted, we will work to create your treatment animation.  Once approved, aligners will be shipped directly to you, along with a scanbox and cheek retractor, which will allow us through our remote monitoring platform to keep track of your treatment progress.    

How do I get started? 

Visit the VirtualCheck section of our website to fill out a form, answer a question, and upload 5 photos of your mouth.  The VirtualCheck technology has built-in AI, so it’ll analyze your teeth and we can discuss any issues you may have and if you’re a good clear aligner candidate. 

How long do I need to wear my clear aligners? 

You wear your aligners 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, and keep checking in with your clinician as you progress through treatment. 

When can I take my aligners out? 

You should wear your aligners all day and night except for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth or the straightening process will stop. 

Can others see me wearing the aligners? 

Since they are clear, most people will not know you are wearing them. 

Are the aligners scalloped or straight at the gum line? 

They are straight.  Research shows that straight aligners the aligners fit the teeth tighter, and that means better aesthetics, which means happier patients. 

When do I start seeing results? 

The rate at which you’ll start seeing results varies on a case by case basis, since no two treatment plans are the same. But generally speaking, you’ll notice movement almost right away. 

When do I change my aligners? 

Typically, you would change your aligners every 2 weeks, but with our remote monitoring technology with ClearCorrect NOW, you may be instructed to do so at a different interval depending on the direction from your clinician.  

DenToGo Virtualcheck FAQs

What is VirtualCheck?  

DenToGo VirtualCheck is a remote solution that allows for online assessment of oral health conditions, with the ability to collect intraoral photos, a 180-point oral health evaluation through artificial intelligence, and the option for requesting appointments directly through the platform.  

What do I need to take pictures with VirtualCheck?  

Smartphone or camera and a buddy.  

Are the ScanBox and cheek retractors required for VirtualCheck?  

No, with VirtualCheck, you can take the pictures without cheek retractors or a scanbox.  

Is there a video feature of VirtualCheck?  

No, currently there is no video feature of VirtualCheck available, but this feature will be coming soon.  

What information is collected in VirtualCheck?  

  • First Name  
  • Last Name  
  • Email Address  
  • Birth date  
  • Email  
  • Phone Number  
  • Zip Code (optional)  
  • Primary Treatment Goal  
  • Patient photos  

What photos are required?  

You will be asked to upload 5 intraoral photos:  

  • Front  
  • Left  
  • Right  
  • Upper  
  • Lower  

Why were my photos rejected?  

We ask you to retake your photos when they won’t be able to serve as viable diagnostic tools for your clinician. That would be the case for one of two reasons: because the quality of the photos themselves is too low, or because they don’t show your teeth and gums fully enough.  

For example, your photos would be rejected if they were too dark, too blurry, or had too much flash. They would also be rejected if they didn’t show key details like the occlusal surfaces (the part of the teeth you use to chew) or your gumline (the line where the gums and the teeth meet). 

ClearCorrect Impression Kit FAQs

What is contained in the ClearCorrect Impression kit sent to the patient?  

  • padded envelope  
  • gloves  
  • putty poker  
  • putty catalyst  
  • Base  
  • Return shipping box  
  • 2 lower, 3 upper trays  

How do I take my impressions? 

A step-by-step guide will be sent with a video to aid in the process.  If there are any questions, you can contact your clinician. 

What happens if my impressions are rejected?  

You will be notified and sent a redo kit at no additional cost, with some tips on how to take valid impressions. 

Are all impression tray sizes the same size?  

Yes, the initial impression kit has the same tray sizes for all patients.  If your impressions are rejected and it’s determined the tray size caused the rejection, a different tray size will be shipped in a redo kit.    

DenToGo Monitoring Light FAQs

What is DenToGo Monitoring Light?  

It is remote patient monitoring, allowing the clinician to communicate with patients during treatment, review photos, and track the overall treatment progress of the patient.    

How does it work?  

Patients will utilize an application on their phone with a built-in scan assistant, along with cheek retractors and a scanbox, which aid in the scan process.  Patients will scan and send/receive messages from their clinician. The clinician will have a dashboard view, reviewing scans and sending and receiving messages from patients as they actively monitor treatment progress. 

Is there anything that can make treatment go faster? 

Remote monitoring actually makes treatment go faster than it would be if you had to have an in-office appointment with your clinician before every step of treatment. You’ll get the go-ahead to switch to your next aligners as soon as you’re ready — not just when you can get an appointment. 

That said, it’s really important to only move ahead when your clinician tells you to. Trying to speed through the process can adversely affect the health of your teeth and gums and the healing of the periodontal ligaments surrounding your teeth. 

What should I expect at the end of treatment? 

If you’re going through treatment using remote monitoring, your treatment is finished as soon as you get a “go” on your last scan. At that point, your last set of aligners becomes your first set of retainers. You’ll wear them 22 hours a day for two weeks, then switch to wearing them just at night unless instructed otherwise by your clinician. 

Your ScanBox and cheek retractors are yours to keep. We strongly recommend you hold onto them, as it may be necessary to help address any questions or concerns you have after treatment.